everybody calls me loopy-loza

hia my names lauren im 17 a man city fan i love joe hart and one direction. theres a lot of things i love and like but there are some things that im not so keen on. ASK ME ANYTHING - dont be a stranger! would be nice to make some friends on here!
love me or hate me either way no skin off my nose but it will be your loss! so what you waiting for get to know me ask me question have a chat with me - anything you like.
lots o' love LOZA!
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I found Older Marcel on “Tipping Point”

Once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.


I have a feeling that Ivo is not Felicity’s father. hmmm!



I mean come on! Thor is beautiful and she can teach him all her tech ways.


A good looking billionaire! I have always loved Bale as Batman, he’d be perfect for Felicity.


How could you not love him. He is so sweet and isn’t a pig like many men today *cough*Oliver*cough* sorry had to go…



He even makes waking up look good…


you’re so damn difficult.
an Olicity fanmix.

- Felicity, hold on to me tight.

- I imagined you saying that under different circumstances…[pause]…Very platonic circumstances.




Doctor, this is why I love you. Right here.

Vincent van Gogh was a man who is somewhat famous for his mental instability. He later ended his own life. For the Doctor to go and show him that his art mattered, and that his existence mattered…is amazing. And I wish someone could have shown this amazing artist how much he contributed to the world.

I wish the Doctor could show everyone how they mattered, because everybody does matter. In our own small way, we change the world simply by existing.

I will always, always, ALWAYS reblog this when it’s on my dash.

I remember crying when this scene was shown

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I see you every time I close my eyes
What am I gonna do?

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Is #Arrow going to reveal the identity of Felicity’s father this season? –DreamToAspire

Though much is being saved for Season 3, by season’s end, “We actually will get a little bit more of Felicity’s backstory…,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg allows. “You get a couple of hints, and when you hear what some of the hints are, you’re going to look back and realize that we actually knew [what we were planning] back in Season 1.”


Working on my paper is hard on both of us.

Peeta bakes. I hunt. Haymitch drinks until the liquor runs out.

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jmo & colin :: official captains of our ship

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Slap Killian ( 3x17 The Jolly Roger)

Ugh, worst song ever. 

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